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Does anyone have any ideas on how to increase on-task behavior and making students more independent? I feel like my third graders are so needy and cannot even do anything by themselves. If I am not on top of my students, they will not do their work, and even then they still don't do it or it takes them longer than it should, since they are not using their time wisely and staying on task. Part of this is due to behavior and not being on task, but no amount of positive reinforcement or consequences seem to be solving the problem behaviors, and off-task behaviors. I review expectations and procedures (explaining, modeling, & having students practice during Morning Meeting) every morning, and that still only helps a little bit. I would love any ideas please!

Jan 11, 2018 5:40pm

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    • Jan 12, 2018 2:27pm

      Ok thank you for the reassurance with the reviewing of expectations every day! My students seemed to "get it", but are having an extra hard time since Winter Break. My group is especially difficult because I don't think they have a lot of discipline or consequences at home.

      And I have tried the privacy folder idea, and my students still decide to not follow directions and do their work. Thanks for that input though Sara!

      • Jan 24, 2018 6:58pm

        Do you have class goals that students can work towards together as a group? Like a class party after x, y, or z is completed? I know my daughter's 3rd grade class gets to have a class party after a certain reading goal is achieved. Students are working independently (via reading books and AR tests) and when the goal is met the class gets a party. This helps keep them on task because whenever there is down time they can pick up whatever book they are reading and work towards this goal. You can also have class party's using a marble jar where they are rewarded as a class for good behavior with marbles.

        • Jan 29, 2018 5:01am

          What was it with this year’s group? My group came back the same way, but they’re improving with some concentrated effort. My students sit in groups of three and four that we call teams. One thing I do that might help you, is to reward them by teams. You probably do have some kids that are following expectations. I have a tally chart and if the whole class stays on task for a subject, they all get a point. More often, one or two teams get points. When one team reaches 20 points, I take them out for a recess, but only the team that earned the reward gets the full 20 minutes. The others wait and take just the time their team earned. One team getting a point is often all I need to bring the others back to task.

          Also consider whether you are providing enough breaks. Between subjects or activities, consider having kids stand and stretch, sing a song, or set a timer for two minutes and let them talk. It’s hard for anyone to stay focused for an extended period of time.