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Does anyone please have ideas for critical thinking in a secondary PBL on the Holocaust? Looking for ways of teaching and assessing semester-long project.

Oct 23, 2017 8:06am

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    • Jan 20, 2018 3:25pm

      There is a trunk available for free to your school from the St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum, Florida. The has a student focus area with articles. The museum has done an archive of holocaust survivor stories. My favorite is Gerda Weissman: There is also a Day of Remembrance and other fine, emotional pieces: I also hunt up memorial statues and other sites and do a 'making connections' of art to life discussion. Since you are studying for a semester, then I would probably extend the above research to include one or more movies that are like documentaries for the Holocaust: Schindler's List or Boy in the Striped Pajamas do well. I've also had the students read memoirs from survivors of the time period: Elie Wiesel is an easy read, Sir Nicholas Winton's If It's not Impossible also is a good read. Other books can get too long. I hope this helps.