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ELA lessonb plans

Apr 12, 2016 9:49pm

I am an ELA teacher in a juvenile detention center in Rome, GA. I need help coming up with lesson plans to meet the GA standards. I was a math teacher at another detention center before they closed down, and I didn't have as much trouble coming up with lesson plans. I think part of my problem is that I'm not really an ELA guy. This was the only position that was open and I really wanted to get back to teaching in DJJ, If there is anyone that can help me come up with some constructive lessons to keep the kids engaged from "bell to bell" I would really appreciated it. Most of these kids are street kids and don't have the desire to learn, but some do. Thanks.

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    • Apr 13, 2016 1:22am

      You have some great resources suggested here already, but I'd also urge you to check out for more ideas. Georgia's standards seem to closely align with the ELA Common Core State Standards, so I think you will find most, if not all, of the material to be appropriate. There are complete lessons, if you prefer. However, since your population would enjoy high interest materials that may not be represented in the more "mainstream" educator's repertoire, you might want to choose culturally appropriate short fiction or news and magazine articles that hook particular students. Look at Achievethecore's classroom resources for creating text-dependent questions for your own materials and the academic word finder tool that helps you pull out vocabulary from any reading selection, according to your students' reading levels. This is great for pre-teaching tough words, or for creating a glossary on the fly.

      • Apr 13, 2016 7:58am

        Thanks Sean and Lynne for answering my question so quickly. Sean, yes this can be a difficult population to work with sometimes, but it is rewarding. Lynne, the GA standards are almost identical to the common core standards so that shouldn't be an issue. I will take a look at the websites you both have suggested and will see what I can pull from them. Thanks again for your help.