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enGAgInG tHe PArapROfesSioNaLs (EA's)

Jun 29, 2014 9:37am

First and foremost I would just like to say "Happy Summer" to everyone. May we find inspiration and rejuvenation before we start a new academic year in September. I always enjoy reading everyone's queries and replies here. I had just finished teaching my first year with students in a high school setting after having most of my teaching experience in a middle school. With this, I have had EA's in my classroom. And their background ranged from working with students with IEPs one-on-one to not knowing the content of the subject matter like math. I teach math and there have been some EA's who have told me that they're petrified of providing student support if they don't know the content as well. If anyone has been in this situation, please advise. I do want the support system to be fully utilized for my students but I also don't want to have to feel like it's additional work. I am aware that I can use them as consultants but I want my students to take advantage of their services as well.

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