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Formative Assessment & Learning Outcomes

Aug 14, 2013 7:53pm

Want to focus on being mindful about student process, progress, and product through the use of formative assessment in the hopes of being able to capture true understanding of concepts (as opposed to completing a task). Grappling with how to do that effectively and efficiently. Keep coming back to creating a Google form for me to track the learning outcomes and student progress towards them, but am afraid the spreadsheet would become quite monstrous. Any suggestions, tips, or other perspectives?

  • English Language Arts / Math / Science / Social Studies / Technology
  • Pre K-12
  • Assessment / Common Core


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    • Aug 15, 2013 9:34am

      I have done a monstrous form for reading and writing IEP goals/objectives. It's effective, but time consuming. It does, however, give me a very clear picture of strengths and weaknesses for each student.

      I have one form per student so I have to keep rewriting the assignment/objective. I'm thinking of streamlining it to be one form per objective thereby needing to only write the assignment and date one time and have student names down the other side. That way I'll also remember to revisit each objective as needed.

      ANother necessity for managing this beast is having a code - check, check plus, check minus.

      Not sure if I'm rambling or if this makes sense. In a nutshell, the form has worked for me, but after 2 years of tweaking, it needs to be tweaked some more.