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From the start of the school year (Aug. 2016), my colleague had a student who exhibited severe destructive behavior in her special education classroom (a mild to moderate setting). This student was placed in a more appropriate setting about two weeks ago. Unfortunately, even though he is no longer in her class, his destructive behaviors are being mimicked by several of the remaining SpEd students (5-7 years of age) who did not previously display those violent actions. Do any of you have recommendations for how to extinguish her current students' mimicking behaviors? This teacher is so sad that her students had outrageous violence modeled for them on a daily basis for more than two months because of this one disturbed student! Honestly, the whole class is traumatized (teacher, aide, students) by the daily eruptions. They all need a fresh start. I would be most appreciative of any suggestions or strategies that I can share with my colleague. Thank you.

Oct 22, 2016 11:25pm

Special Education Class (mild to moderate) ; Students ranging from 5-7 years of age.

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    • Oct 28, 2016 12:17pm

      I'd challenge that specific teacher and her class to start over. And I would literally tell the kids as much. Have the kids help set up a room discipline plan as well as a positive reward system. Perhaps a bean jar...Then the class could discuss both positive and negative behaviors and create a point system and also decide upon a reward once a certain threshold is reached. Ex. No distruptions over the course of an entire period = 3 beans. Interrupting the teacher = -1. It sounds as if the class is ready for a fresh start and if the students are part of the rebuilding process then the next iteration should be more successful.