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Has anyone conducted an assessment for a PEC class that involved the students performing an activity, (Which was video recorded) and played back to them , to see if they could explain the concepts of the activity by viewing the video of themselves performing the activity.

Aug 26, 2015 8:04pm

I am a student teacher who has a PEC homeroom class for 8th grade physical science. I am looking for outside the box ways to do assessments. We have a mix of students ranging from ADD, behavioral issues, and quite a few on the autism spectrum. I would like to do an assessment that involved the students being recorded doing an activity pertaining to the concept being taught. Instead of presenting the students with typed questions on a piece of paper, I would like to use the videos along with oral question to help test their grasp of the concepts being taught. I would like to use this for both summative and formative assessments. I am on week four of student teaching and I have noticed that both writing and reading skills are poor. I am trying to find ways for the students understand the concepts being taught without having to use traditional methods. If a child can't read or write, how can I expect them to answer a pen and paper test. I want to differentiate my lesson to better help these students.

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