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Has the terminology for naming a group of ten as "one ten" changed to "10 ones" formally? Are we supposed to tell students to talk about numbers greater than ten as "10 ones and ___ ones" vs. (example) 1 ten and 3 ones for 13?

Apr 11, 2016 3:56pm

This might seem silly, but I wonder if someone could clarify... I teach kindergarten and we are in the process of translating some lessons from different sources including Engage NY lessons and many documents or samples we've looked at say (example) "write the missing number ... I have 10 ones and ___ ones." to describe number 11 or any other number with a ten and extra ones... some even ask it as "write the following number "ten four"... how does that even make sense!? maybe if it said, write the number that represents one group of 10 and four or 1 ten and four or 10 and four more.... help!

I teach in a Spanish Dual Immersion program and it's particularly confusing in Spanish - Are we not identifying a group of 10 ones as a "ten"/decena anymore? (10 ones and ___ ones/10 unidades y _____ unidades)???

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    • Apr 13, 2016 7:00am

      Thank you both for your input! The quick images video example is a great activity to reinforce number concepts. Also, Thanks Heather for reminding me to see where we are going, by looking at the next grade. I think it provides a sense of what students will be expected to do later on and why the foundational skills are important.

      • Apr 15, 2016 4:10pm

        Hi Moni!
        I completely agree with Heather, there are so many important components involved in just realizing that there are, in fact, 10 ones in 1 ten that I would spend a lot of time there first. But after there is a solid understanding of that, "write the following number "ten four", meaning 14, is most definitely ridiculous, unless you are talking on a walkie-talkie:) If you have not checked out the resources at they are really helpful in planning for activities to reinforce the counting and representing the 10's
        The Tch videos in there are amazing: and

        Hope that is helpful!