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Help! I am down to a 45 minute block for ELA this year and a 45 minute block for social studies. How can I structure my class time to include vocabulary, grammar, spelling, reading, and writing? Any ideas?

Aug 2, 2017 12:11pm

  • English Language Arts
  • 6-8
  • Planning


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    • Aug 5, 2017 6:55pm

      Integrate it all into the text you are choosing to read with students. For exapmle, pull the parts of speech and other grammar items out of that text. Do mini lessons for it and make your formatives really short bell work type things. If you have 1:1 devices, investing in QUIA might be a good idea. It grades quizzes for you.

      • Aug 3, 2017 6:24am

        Let me know if you come up with a good solution as I am trying to help my 6th grade teacher with the same issues related to time constraints.

        • Aug 4, 2017 12:57pm

          I am going to work spelling into the writing lessons. I am thinking of structuring my day with a brief grammar exercise called Daily Grams as I did last year. Then I will work on the reading unit for the remainder of the period and the writing as a separate unit related to the reading we just studied. For example, teach fictional writing standards and then narrative writing standards. I am also going to teach 4 grammar unit each quarter. I found a wonderful lady on TPT that has these structured to about 10-15 minutes as well.

          What are you both thinking of?

          • Aug 5, 2017 1:22pm

            I would suggest you limit your spelling instruction. I would introduce the spelling strategy of the week on Monday and then spend 5 minutes each day doing a quick review, spelling sort, etc. I would group grammar and writing together since they are directly related to each other and then spend the remaining part of your 45 minutes on reading instruction (reading skills and strategies, read aloud, and independent reading).

            During social studies, I would incorporate as much reading skills and writing as possible. In social studies it is easy to teach sequencing, cause and effect, summarization, main idea and details, etc.

            Vocabulary can be grouped into both ELA and social studies. You can spend part of your reading time on vocabulary and, of course, you will need to address vocabulary during social studies as well.

            Good luck!