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Hi, I am desperate to make a lesson plan for 2nd Science class about rainforest.So I am thinking about introduce about rainforest like location / characteristic/ layers during 40 mins. but thing is that I am not sure how to make it more motivate ,lead 40 mins and assess them at the end. I am thinking start from KWL chart and then..introduce... rainforest? I really need help. I am newbie..teacher... :(

Apr 5, 2017 9:08am

20students/ 4 of students of 5 groups mixed levels and gender/ already know KWL chart.

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    • Apr 11, 2017 3:19pm

      When I'm doing a science unit/lesson, I like to have a short video clip to grab attention. You could do this before or after your KWL. Also, think about what you need students to learn - the rainforest itself isn't typically the focus, but may be a vehicle to teach a wider concept, like habitats, biomes, or ecosystems. You can help students identify what makes the rainforest a unique biome by making observations from the video - maybe compare it with where you live, using a Venn Diagram. Here's a good video -
      When using youtube, remember to preview the video to be sure it is appropriate and get past the ads before showing to the class, but there are a lot of good things out there! Hope that helps.

      • Apr 27, 2017 12:57pm

        What a great topic! Depending on what part of the country you are from, this is a great chance for students to experience a new climate. When teaching biomes at the middle school level, we take the basic "rain" piece and build out our discussion from there. What would a "rain" forest look like? A lot of rain. Ok, well what would the rain cause? A lot of mud. Ok, well what would the trees need to look like to stay in one place in the mud? What kind of grass or plants could grow? What kind of feet would the organisms living there need to have? This would allow you to start with your KWL chart and a guided discussion.

        Or... if you are an NGSS state, you might start with a piece of phenomena like this picture and have the students make connections about the why and how's things in the rain forest would have to look the way they do.