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Hi! I am using and Forums in my Chemistry class of Grade 9 and 10.It is very useful in discussion especially in Oxidation and Reduction reactions. Online discussions favours and support thoughtfulness and careful composition than on face to face talks. There is one problem as few students need reassurance of correct ideas before commenting and they often ask for explanations. How the quality of ideas can be strengthen in this way for those students who are not active participants in online discussions.

Jun 20, 2014 6:59am

I am working on different online collaborating tools. I am a beginner..want the help of expert teachers in this field.

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    • Jun 21, 2014 1:25am

      From my experience with Edmodo, there are usually about a quarter of the class that participate in the online discussions. It's much the same as in oral discussions in class. You find that only a number of students usually contribute in this way. What you are doing is catering for each of the learning styles. You may notice that students who don't respond orally in class are those who comment in your blogs. Another way of getting more involvement is to show students the comments that are being made by those who do participate in this way via a projector as you run the class. The others may benefit from seeing the comments being made by those who do participate.

      • Jun 21, 2014 6:16am

        Thanks Peter for your contribution..Yes It can be way to discuss the post of students with whole class and discussing their views in the class to motivate others who are not active partcipant.
        I agree that my students students are not participating effectively on Edmodo. is similar like and my students are much involved in discussion..its features are quite similar to but here the environment is in a controlled manner and even benefit to below average students.

        few students are not participating.they are not contributing on their own.They only respond with my assistance.Collaboration through Schoology made easy for me to clear their ideas on different types of Chemical reaction and their speed. Secondly Iin this way they would be able to focus their answer in their exams especially objective types questions or one word/sentence answers. What should I do for those?

        • Jul 24, 2014 3:52pm

          I think it's important for students to be given a menu of options.

          I love Edmodo because it gives students who normally don't participate during class another option. It's also another way to hold students accountable for their own learning. It's important for it to be structured. For instance, when the year starts I will post a prompt and ask specific students to respond to it. After they are done, others are asked to respond to their peers.