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Hi there,

May 27, 2014 1:08pm

I would like to enquire if anyone has ideas or resources to share in regards to inferencing at grade 7. its a targeted area for my students and I dont know how to extend them nor to take them through

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  • Differentiation


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    • Jun 2, 2014 8:53am


      I taught seventh grade for nine years and we worked on inference a lot. One great way to introduce it is to examine character motivation. Often, books are not explicit about why characters do what they do. Readers have to infer what drives characters to do certain things. To start off the conversation, I would bring in ridiculous celebrity news - think Bieber, and we would have discussions trying to infer why he acts the way he does. This is super fun and then you can transition to book characters and although aspects of plot. Students make inferences all the time - you just need to remind them of that. (:

      Hope this helps! For more engaging ideas that are Common Core aligned, I wrote a book called UDL Now! You can read some pages for free on Amazon to check it out if you're interested.


      • Jun 4, 2014 12:28am

        Katie thanks heaps for your response,

        do you have any lesson plans/ weekly plans as examples which i could use. I am not sure if the reason m going down and having to repeat plan is because my initial plan isnt good enough for me to follow. if you could show me an example of it i would highly appreciate it.

        Thanks heaps,

        I do look forward to reading these pages for greater level of inferencing

        • Jun 5, 2014 1:01am

          Hi Katie,
          I tried to go on the link which you supplied for amazon, for some reason I was not able to see any free pages to have browse.....