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Homework and studying....What are you policies?

Jan 5, 2014 1:32am

I'm so frustrated w/ the lack of caring about education.

I modify, offer choices, extend deadlines, offer extra credit, bonus points, give Open Book tests, use technology for assignments, call home, email, post reminders on classroom and hallway walls...

I wind up with stacks of work right before grading periods end. I'm exhausted.

I can't give up the concept of homework and yet I know with my Intensive classes I can't adhere or become a NO LATE WORK EVER teacher.

I give time in class, offer time before and after school for students to work in my room with either me and/or the computers...

Please, share your policies/experiences. I have to figure this out before I burn out.

  • English Language Arts
  • 9-12
  • Engagement


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    • Jul 13, 2014 9:18am

      Hello Yvette. I hope you're well, and sympathize with your struggle. I've known that struggle. I'm just seeing your post, I hope my response doesn't come too late. It's summer, so I figured you'd probably be at the drawing board, figuring out a few things in time for fall.

      I found that the more understanding I was, the more I had to understand. I realized that I was doing a disservice to students who were engaged, who did complete work on time, and who were interested in moving forward. So, I got tougher. Here are some practices that I implemented, and they've made all the difference. I begin the routines on day one, and I implement them EVERY SINGLE DAY without fail. And course the protocols are outlined in my syllabus.

      Homework is due upon entering the room. The inbox is located on the student materials table at the front of the room. Homework may not be submitted after I have collected the day's stack of homework papers (5 minutes after the tardy bell). Once homework has been collected for the day, work submitted after that point is LATE, and you may be required to submit it the following day.

      Work submitted one day late can earn only 60% of the total points possible. Work submitted two days late can earn only 40% of the total points possible. Work submitted three days late can earn only 20% of the total points possible. Work may not be submitted more than three days late.
      (I made a cheat sheet for myself so that I could quickly assign/deduct points).

      (I also become a stickler around attendance and tardy issues. I check attendance records before giving make-up work, and became a student of our parent/teacher handbook. I follow every rule, document everything, and no longer have stacks of paper of misc. work).

      Getting Make-Up Work
      Please stop by the room to get make-up work during the teacher's office hours. Do not rush into class, following one of your absences, and expect me to ignore the entire class while I tell you what happened while you were out. Please see me during my office hours. Sign the "appointment clip board" to announce when you will stop by. Additionally, do not complete or submit make-up work if your absence(s) is "unexcused". You will not receive credit for it. I will check the status of your absence before assigning or accepting any "make up work".

      Office Hours:
      Advisory, the first 15 minutes of lunch, every day after school until 3:30, and by appointment. Please see me during office hours to schedule a different appointment time. If you plan to stop by during advisory, please note that I will not write a note or make a phone call, requesting your presence in my class. Only stop by if your advisory teacher gives you permission (in advance) to stop by.

      * I got a personalized stamp made from one of the local office supply stores. It cost $25 or $29 dollars. I use it whenever I assign make-up work or whenever work is submitted late.

      The stamp reads:

      Late/ Make Up Work
      Assignment is/was
      due on

      Assignment is/was
      submitted on

      Number of days
      assignment was late: ________

      * The stamp reads left to right, not vertically as represented here. I circle the appropriate "is/was" verb.

      I hope this helps.

      • Jul 7, 2018 3:51pm

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