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How can I motivate 8th graders to do their work?

Feb 23, 2016 1:45pm

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    • Feb 27, 2016 12:23am

      It's about knowing your students. What motivates or demotivates them? Do you include some type of a rewards system? Fairness goes a long way and that puts a lot in this age group on. Incorporating parents can help too. After all they are the students primary teachers so they might share strategies about their own kids.

      • Feb 29, 2016 1:37am

        Give the students that are doing their work a day off and take an inspirational trip somewhere once a week. The lackers stay behind and does regular desk work.

        • Mar 1, 2016 5:14pm

          Making it relelvant at this age is definitely important. Even doing simple things like using students' names in your word problems or incorporating local hangouts, pop culture, movies, or anything else that you think they like into word problems or test questoins. Being silly can go a long way!

          • Apr 12, 2016 6:14am

            Tom is right! Some things I do is give them some choice in the work you expect them to do. You select the problems/selection of readings, but let them choose from there. Another thing I think is important for this age group is to get them up and moving during the class period. Strategies like gallery walks help students get their bodies up and moving and this helps them stay engaged and focused in the lesson.