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How do GE teachers give report card grades to Sped students with accommodations?

Apr 6, 2015 7:33am

My GE teachers are always asking for advice regarding grading my Sped students with significant accommodations to their GE work.

  • English Language Arts / Math
  • K-8


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    • Apr 6, 2015 2:08pm

      I grade my Sped students the same as my GE students in my science classes. Their grade is based on the work they turn in and test scores. Any accommodations I use are available to all my students and are only tools to help them learn. If they can demonstrate to me they understand the concept, that's what they are graded on. Students are also allowed to make corrections on any work they turn in except tests, which are retaken until they demonstrate to me that they know the material. The highest test grade is the one they get. Once a student has demonstrated that they really know the concept, why lower their grade because they didn't understand it the first time?

      I find grading the hardest thing about my job. I would rather have a checklist of skills and concepts that students have demonstrated in my classes than %s or ABC's. I find that grades based on %s or ABC's quite often undermine the confidence of many students.