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How do I determine percentage of literary vs. informational texts?

Sep 3, 2013 8:00am

A parent has raised this concern at our school. Our grade eight students each week take

5 periods of Literature (literary texts)
5 periods of History (informational texts)
5 periods of Physical Science (informational texts)
5 periods of Algebra (informational texts)
4 periods of Social Science (informational texts)
4 periods of Spanish (informational texts)
3 periods of Grammar/Vocabulary (informational texts)
(5o min periods)

That is 5 periods of literary based texts and 26 periods of informational texts.
They currently only have 16% literary based texts.
They are supposed to have 45% literary and 55% informational.
How should the school adjust or calculate literary texts vs. informational texts?

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