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How do I get my students to recognize, count and write numbers 11-19?

Feb 25, 2017 12:35pm

I have a group of Kindergarten that are simply not understanding numbers 11-19. I need help coming up with new ways to show them for clearer understanding.

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    • Feb 28, 2017 10:43am

      I teach students with special needs. To help them identify the numbers 11-19, I have a rap/song that we do. (I wear sunglasses) and we become "teenagers."

      "Comon everybody let's get this done,
      the numbers in the teens, they start with one;
      11 is a one and a one,
      12 is a one and a two,
      13 is a one and a three.....

      While we sing it, I'm pointing to the numbers on the board. You can also have a student point to the numbers on the board. For a visual, you could have base-ten blocks above the number so they see a visual of the quantity. Then they get to see the growing pattern as the number gets larger.
      Hope this helps! :-)

      • Mar 12, 2017 4:15pm

        Can you describe some of the errors that you see them making?

        Here are some of the things we do. Make sure their foundation within 10 is strong first. Then, work for a while in very concrete ways: show a collection of 10 objects and adding one at a time, show numerals 11-19. Have them dump out bags of objects, putting 10 in a cup/egg carton with 10 slots/paper ten frame to make 10 and see how many extras there are. Explicit linking of quantity to numeral, ie, there are 15 pennies, that's 10 and 5 extras.