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How do I manage pull outs with limited time and great golfs in skill levels.

Jan 4, 2014 4:08pm

In a class of 30 students how do I meet the needs of students who are 2-4 grade levels below and a handful of students who are on 1 grade level below old standards with only 65 minutes? (CCSS make it even more daunting).

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    • Jan 15, 2014 4:39pm


      You may want to explore Universal Design for Learning (UDL). In the framework, you create embedded scaffolds that will benefit your struggling students, but they are also available to other students. Similarly, you would develop challenging extension activities, and offer them to everyone as well. By giving all students the same packet, you raise standards for all students and they can choose to work at an appropriate level. I have been fully implementing UDL K-12, in college, and in PD for years, and it's amazing how is impacts both the highest and lowest students. To explore the framework, begin by checking out the UDL Guidelines on