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How do I prepare for a teaching position interview? What kind of questions should I expect?

Sep 3, 2014 2:54pm

I've been subbing and have an interview for a 5th grade teaching position. I have experience as a reading and math resource teacher and have worked in a school's computer lab. Thank you.

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    • Sep 4, 2014 2:45pm

      Have you been subbing in the school to where you are applying? If so, what have learned about that school's culture and their biases? Did you get a sense of the political and pedagogical leanings of the faculty? Did you get a sense of the overall needs of the students? Have you articulated your teaching philosophy and your teaching principles? What are your best lessons (ones that worked consistently with a variety of students)? How could you contribute to that school? What kinds of projects do you want to work on and how would these projects benefit that school?

      • Sep 4, 2014 1:30pm

        The interview is for a school district that I have not been subbing for but I did have an interview last year so I kind of know what to expect. Thank you for your excellent response Erlinda.

        • Nov 9, 2014 9:32pm

          Also, being able to articulate your own teaching philosophy and how it relates to the schools philosophy/belief system is a great way to share both your enthusiasm and that you are a good fit for the school.