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How do I teach common core subject matter in a 6, 7, & 8th grade self contained behavior class? Having trouble getting the behavior under control.

Sep 3, 2016 12:27pm

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  • 6-8
  • Behavior / Celebrating Teachers / Class Culture / Differentiation / Engagement


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    • Sep 3, 2016 6:19pm

      Wow, that is such a challenge Chiquie! I can only speak from a math perspective but I think for a group with trouble getting their behavior under control, building community in the classroom would be my first mission. Have you ever tried Talking Points to learn how they think about themselves as learners before beginning the year?

      Now, as far as content, they is really tricky! I think I would start with Student Achievement Partners coherence map: Look at how different ideas build and try to form your own progression based on where your students are.

      Good luck and please send back any questions!