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How do the CCSS affect the math sequence?

Sep 2, 2013 1:47pm

Our district wants us to offer lower level courses in our math department to meet the needs of a small number of students who are behind in math and some of our special education students.We have been trying to eliminate the lower level courses so that everyone has a chance to meet the minimum Integrated 1 - 3 sequence. We recommended a summer program to help those who need the extra help to be ready for Integrated 1 as freshmen. Does a class below Integrated 1 in our curriculum hinder that effort?

  • Math
  • 9-12
  • Common Core


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    • Sep 2, 2013 7:10pm


      • Sep 7, 2013 3:23pm

        We still offer a Transitions to Algebra class in my district because of that same scenario. There are some students that still don't have those necessary building blocks to begin and be successful. Since the minimum requirement is the 3 integrated classes, that still leaves room for the extra class in high school. In some cases, it even gives them a year to mature (a little) so they can better grasp the content.

        Hope this helps!