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How do you handle a colleague copying your lesson plans that are shared via technology?

Feb 1, 2015 9:54am

The lesson plans were not created together although we are on a team. The colleague had no part in creating them and is NOT teaching them, only copying them into their planner to avoid being reprimanded by administration. Administration has not caught on. Seriously frustrated here but don't want to appear a "tattle tail or trouble maker".

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    • Feb 1, 2015 2:14pm

      I need to start somewhere...Thanks. :)

      • Feb 1, 2015 2:22pm

        Good luck!

        • Feb 2, 2015 6:47pm

          I would also definitely start by talking to your colleague about it and letting them know how you feel. You could always ask your department chair or another colleague to sit in on a meeting about it as well.

          • Oct 11, 2015 11:56am

            I like all the suggestions thus far. I would use their ideas 1st and if this issue persists come up with the next step. Since this person is acting just copying them without implementing them (and that's a good thing), I would design a plan that's a farce because apparently your admin is not really looking too closely anyways while you design a plan that's for real for your students. It's a lot of work for you but hopefully it becomes a discussion on plagiarism and how that is unacceptable. And if an admin does a spot check you can show your real one.