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How do you handle behavioral issues when discipline referrals are not appropriately addressed?

Dec 19, 2014 3:05am

The school I currently work with does not discipline our students. We are told to "write them up" constantly, but students are not punished. How do we maintain respect in the classroom, when the students know there are no repercussions for their actions?

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    • Dec 20, 2014 2:20am

      Your building level administrator probably has some form of assertive disciplinary action in place that he or she implement daily. Discipline may be in form of counseling students, helping to shape their behavior and modeling what appropriate behavior looks like. Discipline may come in form of correcting behavior by modeling what appropriate behavior should look like. Perhaps parents are been contacted when students received a write up by teacher or professional staff. Finally, suspension, expulsion and placed students in the in school suspension do not help, but impede student learning and lead to failure and drop out. Hope this helps.

      • Dec 20, 2014 9:56am

        Is there a way you can have a system that works within your classroom? We use the responsive classroom in my school and school wide we use a system of logical consequences for behavioral issues. For example, if a student is disruptive during a lesson, they move, or if they break something, they fix it. We also use a system where students are sent to a "buddy" classroom to take a break if they need one.