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How do you keep in contact with parents of student grades?

Aug 31, 2015 3:20am


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    • Jun 5, 2016 12:11pm

      I teach in a district in New Jersey that requires teachers to send home bi-weekly reports to parents. The report itself is in triplicate and, when written on, carbon copies the first page of comments. The top two pages go to the parents. They keep one and sign and return the other. The third is kept for your records to show that the reports have been sent.
      The report, itself, lists a few positive/negative comments to simply check off as a means of communicating with parents. Attached to the bi-weekly are the past two weeks of work and tests (which are kept in a folder for each student so that the work is ready to be attached to the report). Of course, if you choose to, you can jot down a comment, but parents must sign the cover sheet and it must be returned by the students. It's a great means of not only communicating, but of also keeping the parents informed.