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How do you teach beginning ELLs to write an essay?

Feb 21, 2013 7:11pm

Teaching writing to beginning ELLs is very difficult. Syntax is a very difficult concept. I find that we do not teach writing, syntax, or grammar as part of the ESOL curriculum. When I do teach it, I feel like I have to hide what I am teaching because the concept of grammar and syntax has such a horrible rap that I feel like I am teaching "How to crack a safe."

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    • Feb 23, 2013 2:26pm

      Being an Italian ESOL teacher, it is an easier task for me to deal with students having to develop their witing skill! Students in Italy study quite a lot of 'mother grammar', and syntax and even semantics are quite natural topics for investigation in class. In any case I found loads of useful materials in Jeremy Harmer and in Jim Scrivener's:
      I use the school website - were I publish my students' written productions - and EDMODO as a didactic tool: ss are supposed to use English only, and I always check their use of the language - grammar and sintax, so they are naturally led to think about the way language work!
      Try and join us and see the way it works...
      Patrizia M.