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How do you use technology in your classroom?

Jan 9, 2013 10:28am

i.e., Interactive Whiteboards (Smart Boards / Promethean Boards / etc), iPads, Nooks, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Projectors, etc.

  • Arts / English Language Arts / Foreign Language / Math / Physical Education / Science / Social Studies / Technology / Other
  • Pre K-12
  • Digital Literacy


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    • Jan 26, 2013 7:32pm

      I use Emodo with a page for each English course I teach(3). I like it because it has a calendar to post upcoming events and reminders for students. You can also post assignments and grade them with feedback. Thanks to Sara- I'm starting to use Poll Everywhere with my kids to get immediate responses and feedback.

      • Jan 9, 2013 8:25pm

        I would say the biggest way I use technology depends on the learning objectives of the classroom and general 21st century skills. Here are some of ways I use it that meets a multitude of objectives:
        IWBs--Sharing information is one. Also students can learn the concepts for themselves. I would have various students move through the slides and I would help facilitate a discussion about what they are learning.
        Laptops--I primarily used this to differentiate instruction. I used Discovery Education to give students different lessons.
        iPod-For students to review material if they were absent.
        Document Camera-Used this to demonstrate 3D concepts as well as students sharing their work with the class.

        • Mar 24, 2013 2:56pm

          I have an iMac and a 40" Samsung tv and teach elementary music. No textbooks, so I use Keynote and Quicktime to present songs and lessons I develop. I use a Gig-Easy mount and old mic stand to hold my personal iPad so students can safely use it. This is more limiting than an interactive whiteboard...I'm hoping to get a SmartBoard and a document camera eventually..but it does allow students to personally access technology. I mirror to the TV so all can see what is being done. I have been using the espresso education website for about three years. I am using Sokikom for behavior management and to support math (aligned to the CC) .. student's using the games outside of music. Garageband- to record and edit. I teach many classes and have to take a new role every 45 minutes, so I use Teacherkit (on iPad) for attendance and seating charts. We put in grades on WebPams. I use DropBox to share with other teachers and to move things from my home MacBookPro to my iMac.

          • Sep 11, 2013 3:50pm

            StoryBots has a great series of iPad apps that are completely free for teachers. These include Starring You Books, which put your students right in the story, which makes reading way more fun. :) There are a bunch of great technology based learning tools which are all free for teachers:

            • Jan 16, 2013 3:30pm

              Our school has had a really slow start on technology. This year, I have implemented Google Apps for Education. We also are starting to use VoiceThread with PowerPoint and SnagIt for short instructional videos that the older students are making for the younger grades. In 6th grade we are working on a collaborative writing for Black History Month - they will write from the perspective of slave owners, slaves, the government, and the economy.

              • Jan 17, 2013 3:40pm

                This is a good question, as there is so much out there today it is overwhelming to try and sort through it.

                I would encourage you to look at these projects done by teachers around the world (log-in/reg may be required).

                They are award winners from a competition Microsoft holds seeking innovative teaching practices from around the globe. As you'll note, these projects use a variety of technologies in creative and effective ways.

                (*Full disclosure: I used to run a portion the U.S. portion this program for Microsoft prior to recently joining the Teaching Channel - yeah! : )

                Lots of good ideas, checkout the video overviews:


                • Jan 17, 2013 7:30pm

                  Our classroom has a class set of iPads we share between 2nd and 3rd grade. Recently I did a jigsaw landforms lesson where I used 4 separate photo slideshows to guide students research and projected them from different working centers around the room. Example is here
                  I think this could be done with many other concepts.

                  • Aug 8, 2013 8:41am

                    I always underestimate the power of my desktop computers in my room. Yes, they are older and, at times, slow running, but they really can help during workshop times. I can have a small group on the computers getting some extra compass learning time while others are independent reading and working with me in small groups. It helps to keep students engaged and allows me to better focus on my small groups, because I know they are working on something productive. Also, on my computer I have a program that allows me to have access to the screens that my students are working on, so they can't close out and go onto a different program.

                    • Jan 17, 2013 12:14pm

                      We use teacher iPads for apps that are single-purpose--grapher software that shows 3d coordinates, roulette apps. I even facetimed my class when I was out sick. For our lowest students, the document camera makes a huge difference--they can see exactly what we do, in the same places they see it on their page. We're getting a Smart board soon so it will be exciting to see how we can integrate that as well.

                      • Mar 2, 2013 5:07pm

                        A document camera is an awesome resource and I use it almost every day. If you are going over homework or a writing assignment, you can just slip a student's paper beneath it and presto! the whole class can see it and you can do a group critique and revision. If students are in writing workshops, you can take exemplars and post them for the class to see without having to make copies. It's also great for note taking and visualization. While you are learning new content, you can have a student on the document camera modeling note taking strategies for classmates. They are relatively cheap too!

                        • Mar 23, 2013 7:02pm

                          I use Schoology as a learning management system. This platform has given my students the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere. The biggest change in the past years is that I have incorporated more video and spoken assessments in the sciences. For example, I use LiveScrive pens and iPods (or student phones) to video their explanations of DNA replication and other topics. From these videos, students can critique their own learning and learn from each other. I have found that my students are very good at memorizing a paragraph from a textbook for essays, but when they have to talk the language of science, that is when their misconceptions become apparent. These videos have helped me address student misunderstandings quicker and the students love making the video clips!

                          • Mar 26, 2013 7:26pm

                            For delivering instruction and other whole class activities:
                            - I love my document camera (I have the cheap kind you route through your works well and it's affordable). Like Katie said, it's good for looking at student work and for modeling activities. For the latter, you can record yourself and post the video for students who might need to watch it a second time.

                            For facilitating student conversations (more software than hardware here):
                            -Wikispaces for interactive literature discussions (the students collaboratively make a webpage about a book)
                            -Today's Meet for fishbowl discussions (the outer circle participates by finding quotes and asking questions for the inner circle to discuss). Sometimes I project this as a live feed, other times I act as gatekeeper and facilitate the contributions (you could have a student perform this role as well)

                            • Mar 29, 2013 6:56am

                              Up until this year, we had 30 iPads schoolwide. I wrote a grant that funded an additional 26. I'm using 13 in my classroom of 18. Our grant was written to accomodate a 1:1 using the iPad mini but our school district wasn't set up for full capabilities with that device. Therefore, we had to purchase less and ended up with the iPad. It's been an asset to our kindergarten class. The students are more engaged and are monitoring their progress using the immediate feedback and goal setting strategies. They have opportunities to collaborate with one another while researching topics and delivering their material to our class using digital platforms. I use the Doceri software which allows me to wirelessly connect my ipad to the laptop for modeling and student demonstrations. Now I just need more funding for the additional 5 for next year!

                              • May 8, 2013 2:33pm

                                I am fortunate to have both iPads and a promethean board in my room. I use the promethean board for whole group lessons like class calendar and shared writing. These lessons are interactive and students are really engaged and excited about interacting with this technology. I use apps like Educreations for exit slips and student assessment. I create differentiated mini lessons on Doceri, using Dropbox for student access, and use apps like TeachMe and Montessori math to help students practice literacy and math skills.

                                • May 25, 2013 12:22pm

                                  I found a cool free app called Remind 101 where you can put in classes and text the whole class without knowing their phone numbers and without them knowing yours. I haven't tried it yet, but I will as soon as school starts again. I use an iPhone. Thought I would share my find.

                                  • Sep 1, 2013 9:56pm

                                    For those of you who do Whole Brain Teaching like me, there is an iPad app for the scoreboard now. I am loving it and so do the students. The only thing I had to learn was that it only works in portrait mode.

                                    • Oct 17, 2013 6:00pm

                                      Currently we are learning about fractions and I have loved using the virtual manipulatives. My classroom is 1:1 so each student has there own, virtual fraction strips to use when finding equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and ordering fractions- this is SO much better then cutting out all of those fraction strips and losing 1/2 here, and 1/3 there.