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how should i teach how many to young learners? lesson plan pleas

Jan 28, 2014 2:16am

  • English Language Learners / Special Education


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    • Jan 29, 2014 9:27am

      thanks dear katie
      that was useful

      • Feb 1, 2014 4:39pm

        Consider using "hands on" activities were the students are counting "how many" in different situations you've set-up. Set up tables for groups to walk around and count "how many" in the different stations. For the 1st one or two tables have them count actual items or manipulates. For a 3rd station have them sort between items so that they are counting what ever item specified. For the 4th table sort and decipher items depicted visually using pictures or picture scenes of the item to be counted. "How many" of the children are wearing hats in the picture?" A 5th table might count something more abstract such as "how many" days out of the month do you go to school. I'd support an abstract count with visuals such as a calendar with clearly marked school days. For a 6th table I'd add in the concept of guessing or estimating where an exact count of "how many" is not possible. Can count and place raisins or jellybeans in a jar for the students to guess. Then to promote functional carryover I'd have students self-check their answers with an answer I'd hang up. They can count "how many" stations they counted correctly and provide me the data to record their progress. Lastly, I'd allow the student who guessed the closest number of "how many" items in the jar to be the one who gets to pass out a selected number of the item to everyone in the class !! Obviously, you'll want to adapt this idea to the skill level of your students, as I am not sure how old or skilled your students are. I'd provide lots of visual support for the concept of "how many" in each station. I'd keep it simple using just those two words and the item to be counted for written text. Can differentiate the lesson for special education students or other special needs: provide choices on the answer sheet, set-up peer buddies, scribes, repeat instructions, etc.

        • Feb 1, 2014 10:22pm

          tnx kristen
          that's good