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How to teach greek and latin roots to high school students?

Jul 7, 2015 2:36pm

This is my second year teaching and I want to do greek and latin roots but I am not sure how to approach the topic with students

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    • Jul 12, 2015 7:21pm

      When I teach these to my 9th graders, I also include a few prefixes and suffixes. I group them by five or six at a time on color-coded posters displayed at the front of the room (prefixes = blue, suffixes = green, etc.). Students have a chart where they record the meanings and examples of words they are already familiar with so they use those as a reference. I purpose choose what seem like strange or unusual words with these word parts so it forces students to really break down the words. When students practice, they are given the full definitions of these bizarre words but they have to fill in the blank to complete the word such as _____________ogenic: environmental pollution caused by human activity. I also try to encourage students to narrow the meanings of the prefixes, suffixes, and roots to just a few key words (most of the roots have pretty short definitions anyways). Since students are introduced to the words parts five at a time, I continue to include the previous word parts on their practices so they don't just memorize the first five just to get through the first quiz or the first week. Their quizzes and practices have both fill in the blanks by word and sentence and multiple choice.