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How to teach subtraction to kindergarden without u

Mar 16, 2013 3:15am

without using fingers and stiicks

  • Math
  • Pre K-2
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    • Mar 16, 2013 10:45am

      There are lots of good books/songs out there that introduce the idea of subtraction: Five Little Ducks, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Five Little Speckled Frogs, for example. After reading/singing, you could have worksheets with different numbers of ducks/monkeys/frogs that they take away from by crossing out. Or you could bring in little rubber ducks or little animals to use as manipulatives to show them visually what it means to subtract.

      • Mar 17, 2013 5:33am

        If you don't have a wellness policy, food is always fun. Little Fruit Loops and/or goldfish make learning fun and transition to snack time!

        • Jun 5, 2013 10:06pm

          Why do you want to not use fingers and sticks? Children in the Kindergarten need concrete models to manipulate before it becomes automatic or abstract.. Fingers are always there! :-) There are many other inexpensive concrete models, too: straws, buttons, cubes, tiles, paper clips, q-tips, etc. Dominoes are also great for little ones to count as they have a pattern of dots that children quickly identify with the number. Use white boards and dry erase markers to total and subtract one side from the total.