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I am looking for ideas to create a classroom management plan for my education course

Mar 18, 2017 6:26pm

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    • This depends on what grade level you are teaching and if it is a special needs type class. All classes should provide an interchangeable seating chart, what to do during a fire drill/substitute/cautions to take towards students example nut allergies. Include emergency lesson plans. You will need to have a way to manage behaviors before they become inappropriate (example a popcorn box on wall for kids who like to constantly ask questions or blurt out things so they don't disrupt the class). Need something you can document applied behavior analysis of students giving you problems and things you have done to remedy the situation. Need rules/routines/procedures and movement and transitioning in classroom. Know how to organize the classroom, what data you need to keep. This list can go on forever.

      • 11:43am

        'a popcorn box on wall for kids'
        Please explain what this is. I'm not familiar with it.