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I am looking for student clips or videos that help students focus on writing and reading. I want and need something more than just "what is a verb.?" I looking to inspire and create discussion from videos that can lead a student to a particular thought or idea. I have looked at wingclips, teachingchannel, teachtube. Maybe what I asking for is how to search for the uncanny and make it relevant?

Aug 16, 2015 12:46pm

  • English Language Arts
  • 8
  • Digital Literacy / Engagement / Planning


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    • Aug 24, 2015 3:32pm


      I use video clips often, and I agree with you -"What is a verb?" isn't the best inspiration.

      What I've found most inspiring are clips of authors speaking on their craft. Also inspiring are clips of students themselves reading their own writing, or from a book they love. Finally, showing a relevant clip from a movie, a commercial, or TV program can engage students through current events, culture, and other fun connections! Use YouTube, Scholastic, PBS, Reading Rainbow, and different publishing houses to obtain video resources.

      • Sep 27, 2015 11:54am

        This s a bit late but...... use a video clip to inspire the children to want to write and then focus on e.g verbs. Vimeo has the best clips and the The literacy shed.

        • Sep 29, 2015 11:38am

          Call me Ishmael on You Tube. Callers briefly describe their favorite books. Some of the calls are very moving and powerful.