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I am planning to form discussion groups based on the story that the students have finished reading. There will be 6 discussion groups and in each group there will be 4 students. They have been working on narrative techiques such as character, setting, author, theme, style for almost one and a half month. The lesson duration is 40 minutes. I am planning to give each group one narrative technique based on their preferences, let them have a small discussion among themselves, and meanwhile filling out the graphic organizers that I have given them. After the groups have finished discussing among themselves, one member from each group will summarize what they have talked about. And to close the lesson, they are going to evaluate their group discussions based on the evaluation sheet that I have given them. But I wonder if this whole thing can be done in 40-minute-lesson, and is there any way of making it better? I'm kind of confused and stuck. Thanks for your advices in advance.

Mar 13, 2017 12:31pm

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