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I'm looking for The Crucible and other 11th grade reading material at a lower reading level. I'm a sped teacher and wonder if anyone has a copy or could recommend a site I could search. Thanks

Aug 26, 2016 3:20pm

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    • Aug 28, 2016 11:56pm

      Julie, if the reading readiness of your high school students is as low as late elementary school (4th grade), Pace Maker has a number of typical high school classics written at this grade level. See this website to purchase:
      If you are looking for the same kinds of titles but written more at a middle school level, I've had very good experiences with the Globe Fearon "Adapted Classics", see this site:
      I can't say that I've seen an amplified version of the Crucible, but it has been a while since I taught the text. One of the Scholastic periodical publications had an extremely abridged version you could look up, but it would not be good to use with an inclusion class as it incredibly short compared to the actual text. If you are looking for contemporary nonfiction, Newsela (see website) has current news articles that you can change the reading level at the click of a mouse and print out. You can also print out multiple choice comprehension questions that go with the articles (tied to Common Core based reading skills) Hope this helps...