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I want to give students stronger and more meaningful feedback in their writing. Any suggestions for blogs or articles that focus on comments that high school students appreciate?

Jun 5, 2017 1:05pm

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    • Jul 13, 2017 5:59pm

      If you want your students to get more meaning from your feedback, make it more meaningful. When students are returned an essay with comments and a grade, we know that they look at the grade first and hardly ever read the comments. Comments are usually an after-thought because they have already received their grades. I have found that offering students an opportunity (or opportunities) to resubmit their work yields the best results. Students will want to read the comments so they can know how to do it better the next time, because you are offering them a "next time."

      • Jul 13, 2017 6:06pm

        I recommend checking out the ideas for personalized feedback in this video: