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Im a graduate teacher starting with a grade 5/6 class, What routines do teachers use the first day?

Jan 18, 2016 7:48pm

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    • Jan 22, 2016 3:00am

      Hi Candi!

      I teach 8th grade STEM and only have my students for a 50 minute period.

      I greet the students at the door.

      Have the students find their desk and work on light prompt about themselves.

      Once the students are situated and things calm down, I will review the safety procedures and provide a very brief overview of the class.

      Have the students complete this fun, yet very informative personality test:

      We then share the prompt/personality test (who doesn't like to share) and it really sets a positive tone. Plus, it helps us learn about each other which will pay dividends on down the road.

      I wait for the second day to get into rules, the syllabus, contact information etc. *Obviously if you are the homeroom teacher then you will have office paper work, etc to discuss/distribute.

      • Jan 24, 2016 10:26am

        Think through every step of your day...what do you expect from your students and what should they expect from you.
        I teach my expectations from the first moment they walk into my classroom.
        My most important routine that I begin within the first 30 minutes of being in my classroom is the classroom meeting. We have a classroom meeting everyday during the school year where we talk about our social skills for the week, things we need to work on as a class, and celebrations.
        Here are routines that you will need to think about in a new classroom: how to enter/exit room, walking in hall, putting supplies away, storage of supplies, sharpening pencils, blowing nose, getting a drink, planners, restroom, centers, finding a partner, getting class attention, turning in work, what to do when you are done early, where to put work when you are not done, borrowing from the classroom library, working in a group, etc. These are just some ideas of routines that you are going to need to think through.
        Teach EVERYTHING and do it very explicitly. Earlier I had a guest teacher visit my classroom and she asked, "How do your kids just know what to do?" My response, "I teach them to walk from their tables to the carpet. I talk them through it, I model it and then we practice until we can do it". My students giggled as they told our guest, "she even taught us how to blow our nose- we have to start in the corner of the Kleenex and fold it over" (my students were going through 10 Kleenex each time they blew their nose prior to this lesson).
        Do I teach it all on the first day...NO, but I do get a lot covered in the first 1-3 days.

        • Jan 25, 2016 9:03am

          Hi Candi! I like to gauge students mindset around math the very first day! Here is my blog with more details:

          • Feb 14, 2016 6:02am

            I start the day off with finding out about my students. Its all about them. So I have them fill out Reading Interest Forms and we discuss some of their answers. I have an activity called all about me. They bring in a photo of themselves and talk about their favorite Tv shows, books, etc.