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Implementing a bicycle repair program at schools

Jan 7, 2018 8:03pm

I am a bicycle mechanic looking to service children's bicycles while they are parked at school. I have a deep passion for kids being on functional and safe bikes unfortunately this is not the case most of the time as parents often overlook the functionality of their child's bike. The bicycle and the bus are the two main vehicles for kids to get to school, our buses are maintained but children's bikes are often not - tires have little to no air, handlebars aren't straight and chains are loose. Not to mention 80% of kids bikes are ultra cheap or built poorly.

I know there are lots of hoops to jump through on getting programs like these off the ground, but I would like to know where I need to start, who I need to talk too and so on. I have a lots of ideas on how the program should run, but those are all pointless if I can't step foot on the property to being with. Do I start with a business plan? Do I start with approaching the school board? Any direction would be helpful.

from Calgary, Alberta.

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