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In what ways can incorporate common core practices during physical education?

Feb 5, 2015 7:12pm

I have currently implementing student leaders, word of the weeks, and think pair shares. Does anyone have any other ideas that I can use while out in the field?

  • Physical Education
  • 1-6
  • Coaching / Common Core


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    • Feb 6, 2015 11:02am

      Math would be a great connection to PE. You could measure distances, compare meter vs. yard, etc. and have them figure out problems relating to the days activity (how many sets of x do we need in order to reach 100, etc.).

      • Feb 19, 2015 10:04am

        Look into the speaking and listening standards, I usually pull from there.

        • Sep 14, 2015 7:02pm

          Include Career/College element to lessons! Most students do not realize how many careers exist in the field of Physical Education. A once a month guest speaker (Athlete/Physical Therapist/ Physical Trainer/College Team Manager....) would probably increase student engagement and get them thinking "bigger and broader".

          • Mar 4, 2016 4:49pm

            I would say perseverance. I'd used the basketball penalty shot line and determine who will practice that shot until they make it.

            • Mar 6, 2016 4:44am

              Have students reflect on their performance after class, in writing. Student writing can then be used to:

              1. Create a GYMBLOG (just made that up) with photos, drawings, or other relevant visuals.

              2. Have a read-aloud of a reflection or two. They can be humorous or insightful.

              3. Share the writing with your administration as a way to document that you're using the Common Core.

              Our school's art teacher gave every student a small journal. Students use them to reflect on artists and methods. They love them!

              PS: Your current practices are great! Love that "word of the week (for gym)." I'm passing this idea on to our gym teacher.