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More defiant, the more time

Sep 1, 2017 8:36pm


Advice about a 5 year old who was pulled out of preschool two years ago for pinching teacher, made it through montessori style preschool last year, is in 1st grade style kinder now.
More defiant, the more he knows any person. The more you know him, the least effective firm voice or excited voice, etc. becomes. (including me, VP, behavior specialist, etc.)

Behaviors: yelling, screaming, throwing things, destroying room, laying down in hallway, hiding, running away, touching/hitting friends

Behaviors continue to escalate with all people, lots of strategies tried suggested from SPED, too

  • K
  • Behavior / Class Culture
  • 2: Classroom Management


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    • Jan 22, 2018 1:02pm

      Have you figured out if there are specific triggers? It’s possible that something is either triggering or reinforcing the behavior. Also, I would try using a neutral voice, not stern or excited, whether you are praising or reprimanding. Children of trauma have exaggerated fight-or-flight responses and the calmer you are the better.

      • Jan 22, 2018 10:02pm

        Invest in the Pax Good Behavior Game. One teacher or an entire school can do Pax. Makes school fun, makes behaving fun. Positive reinforcement, and has ways to deal with negative behavior without rewarding it with undue attention. Pax is so powerful that the US Surgeon General cited GBG as a universal prevention strategy in his Facing Addiction report in 2016. Google Pax GBG.