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More defiant, the more time

Sep 1, 2017 5:36am


Advice about a 5 year old who was pulled out of preschool two years ago for pinching teacher, made it through montessori style preschool last year, is in 1st grade style kinder now.
More defiant, the more he knows any person. The more you know him, the least effective firm voice or excited voice, etc. becomes. (including me, VP, behavior specialist, etc.)

Behaviors: yelling, screaming, throwing things, destroying room, laying down in hallway, hiding, running away, touching/hitting friends

Behaviors continue to escalate with all people, lots of strategies tried suggested from SPED, too

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  • Behavior / Class Culture
  • 2: Classroom Management


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    • When a defiant child of that type is in the classroom, you do need special certification to handle their behavior. A fellow teacher received this training. It meant bringing the student out of the classroom, holding him against the wall, keeping voice calm, and reminding him that he could gain control by choosing calm. Keeping voice firm, calm, the student eventually de-escalated. It took lots of patience. If he is diagnosed there may be additional aides. Another teacher helped a defiant autistic boy whom she would hug, with a pillow in between each other. This hugging process gave the student the connection he needed to calm down, and de-escalate. Another child responded well to water. I had this student. I would take their little hands and place them in a sink of water. The student couldn't splash the water, but could flutter their hands in water and that brought the calm the student needed. Hope some of these ideas help.