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My question is... for my 2nd graders who are unable to read, but on regular standards.. how do I go about teaching the reading lesson? For example, the CG tells me to discuss colonial America and create a sequence of events.. but the students have no idea what I am talking about because it is way above their heads. I don't know how to make it more simple so that they will understand. It is very difficult for me to come up with alternative books to use to teach the same topic because I have so many grade levels to plan for I just never have time.

Nov 25, 2014 6:34am

I am teaching an ESE class, half of who are on regular standards. I have 2nd - 5th.

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    • Dec 2, 2014 10:58pm

      Have you considered building background knowledge using visuals, relia, and media? Perhaps pre-teaching tier 2 words that are transferable to other subject areas can help them better understand the text.