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Need help with book selection and activity for developmentally-challenged 7th - 12th graders.

Sep 3, 2015 3:59pm

I'm a public youth librarian, serving the special needs students in the area. We will be offering monthly visits for ten special needs students. The students are 12 - 17 years. Each is developmentally-challenged in different ways. Their level of comprehension is much like any middle-schooler, however, they can’t read or write. I want these visits to be interesting, and fun. The format is one 10 minute story and one 20 minute activity. I need activities that will allow each student to experience success but will also allow for individuality and creative expression. My plan is to select a longer picture book, e.g., Kelly of Hazel Ridge Farm, or a selection based on humor. At school they enjoy the read-alouds of the "My Weird School" series, however, I won't have time to finish a book of that length, so a chapter book choice would need to be very short. I would appreciate recommendations on book selection and activities that will make this program a success. Thanks for any advice!

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