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Never been a teacher a day in my life!

Aug 14, 2015 3:56am

Hello recently became eligible to get a temporary certificate to be a Social Science teacher. My Bachelor's is in Sociology. As a newbie any help and advice is appreciated. For example who can help me write a resume, or train me on class culture, or how to sell myself.

  • Social Studies
  • 5-12
  • Assessment / Behavior / Class Culture / Coaching / Differentiation / Engagement / New Teachers


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    • Aug 20, 2015 1:26pm

      Welcome! I am a newer teacher as well. I am teaching at a career and technology center (aka- Votech). I recently obtained my MSN in Nursing Education, I am teaching the Health Assistant Program, and yet my state requires me to obtain a Vocational Teaching Certificate. The only the state tells me is that a Degree is not the same as a Certificate. To me the Degree should trump the cert, but I guess not. I used Resume builder online to complete my resume. The class culture varies so I find it difficult to train on that. I have learned within this last year that the students are more computer tech and love to do things on the computers. I let everyone know that their opinions count but may not always be accepted.
      Be ready to be flexible and reliable. Good luck to you. I hope I did help in some way.