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Quality online textbooks

Aug 18, 2013 3:22am

I am determined to transition from hard-copy text books to electronic resources. Yet, my students and parents still want a text. Our school does not fund electronic resources yet. I am looking for recommendations for quality FREE online texts for high school chemistry and physics to bridge the gap.

  • Science / Technology
  • 9-12
  • Digital Literacy / Next Generation Science Standards / Planning


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    • Aug 20, 2013 9:48am

      Go to HELP and click on Braingenie at the bottom. I am not sure how to implement this yet. I am a little intimidated.

      • Aug 23, 2013 8:09pm

        Michael, history here No full ELA but some interesting English options: I'm liking the "Commonsense Composition" text so far.

        Agreed, you have to really sift through online resources. Many look good but have serious flaws. My go-to for history right now is Stanford's awesome SHEG project: :D

        • Aug 18, 2013 2:35pm

          Thanks Michael, I will checkout the resource you posted. I found Mark Bishop's book online
          It looks like it might work too. Perhaps I will have several to offer, though I would like to identify one as "THE" text for the class.

          • Aug 19, 2013 5:25am

            So I started exploring the website I suggested and it looks like you can pick and choose the unit of study you want your students to achieve. You can do so by doing a search according to general topics or even down to standards. And add those to the creation of your own online text, Flextext. It has so many potentials .

            • Aug 19, 2013 8:51am

              Yes! I am impressed with the possibilities. I spend considerable time yesterday exploring. I am excited about the possibility of setting up class lists. I can't decide if I am ready to do that or just have students log in on their own.

              • Aug 19, 2013 11:33am

                Wait, did you say you can create class lists using this website? How do you get that option?

                • Aug 21, 2013 3:26pm

                  I didn't even bother doing the help thing. Thanks Andrea!

                  • Aug 21, 2013 8:41pm

                    Thanks for sharing this resource. I just glanced at one of the U.S. history pieces and love the connection to common core principles (sourcing, corroboration, etc.). Thank you!

                    • Aug 22, 2013 5:34am

                      Scott, did you say that there is section for History? What about for Language Arts? I was looking for those subjects too but I suppose I wasn't pressing all the right links.

                      Don't thank me yet. Like all websites, you need to check on their reliability and their sources regarding their contents.

                      Yeah, I discovered it through another teaching social media website.