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Reference in the text for Kindergarten

Aug 13, 2013 2:20am

How do we teach Students to use the text as a reference and to site without teaching them how to copy word for word?

  • English Language Arts / Science / Social Studies


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    • Oct 21, 2013 4:17pm

      While reading the text, stop and write down a word on a shared writing poster paper, using graphic organizer and illustrate the word. Do this several times through out the reading of text. Then have students reference the poster at their writing table to choose a word or words when they write their own sentences. They are not required to copy a sentence or even finish a sentence frame only use any word from the poster to write about what they learned.

      • Oct 21, 2013 10:15pm

        Thank you to both of you! This has helped I just get so frustrated trying to figure out how to do this common core at a higher level for kindergarten when most of my kids do not know their sound or letter:/. We are getting there little by little ,but for those students who are ready I have had them listening for specific words and details that can help them understand the text. The highlighting has worked great because we started out with sight words and have now moved on to descriptive words or words that refer back to the main idea. For my other students I have them refer back to the picture to look for clues or pictures with labels. I first taught them how to label. Those graphic organizers have also been a savior this year but I have learned that I can not just switch it up to a different one to fast because they get thrown off I need to introduce it little by little too and teach them how to read it.
        Thanks again!!! Let me know if there is anything else that can help us out:)