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Request for information about Industrial Assembly Line

Apr 2, 2014 5:50am

Respected Teachers , I am school student from India need information about Industrial Assembly Line.
I am 12 year old. I study in seventh grade
I have to make contraption model based on Industrial Assembly Line . Could you please assist me about how various stages of Industrial Assembly Line varies from product to product. For example how assembly line of paper differs from that of pen drive or glass or computer. I must make my model from following group of units Gravitional Potential Energy, Elastic Potential Energy, Dominos, Electrical Energy, Wind Energy, Hydraulics. I see following materials in my assembly kit : Example of materials in kit : Hole Rod, Hole Dual Rod, Bended Rod , Square Frame, Long Rod, Square Frame, Short Frame, Base Grid, Axle, Peg, Grid Connector, Gear M, Gear L, Gear S, Hinge, Chain Gear, Pulley, Ring, Axle, Wire Clip ,Motor, Roller, Crank Shaft, Geared Motor, Gear Fixing etc

Thanks and Kind Regards

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