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Seriously, where do I begin to make the change over to NGSS and Common Core?

Oct 14, 2015 6:27pm

So many of the things I was doing worked quite well to help student learn the 4Cs, but I am trying to do what I am being asked to do (or at least what I think I am being asked to do) and I just feel lost! It took so much work to do what I was doing before and I really am not sure what I am expected to do differently in this 'new' system - where exactly is the system? and what are the components? 5E's (or 4E's +2 now???)

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  • Assessment / Common Core / Next Generation Science Standards / Planning


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    • Aug 23, 2016 2:12pm

      Please take a look at our website and consider joining our facebook group Advancing Ambitious Equitable Practices.

      • Dec 30, 2016 12:59pm

        I think the Teaching Channel's NGSS Deep Dive page was developed to help teachers like you start addressing this exact question.

        If you look at the Essential Questions halfway down the page, you can decide which question is where you want to begin. Each question will take you to a resource(s) that will help answer the question.

        I agree with Tom and Jessica, both the Boeing lessons (I did the EQuIP review of the alternative energy/ wind power module!) and Ambitious Science Teaching are great resources as well.

        Two entry texts I would recommend are Appendix A (Conceptual Shifts in the NGSS) from Volume 2 of the new standards, and an article by Rodger Bybee about five innovations of the new standards, both of which can be found in a pdf on our website:

        The last way I would start thinking about making changes is not to do this alone! Are other teachers at your school asking the same questions? There are online professional learning networks to become part of (like here at the Teaching Channel) along with Twitter chats (ex. #ngsschat).