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So what are you doing for Pi day 3-14 K-5 & up

Feb 23, 2013 3:46pm

Please generate great ideas & we can share them all over the country - a day to get everyone excited about MATH!!!!!!!

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    • Mar 2, 2013 11:51am

      Pre Pi Day
      1). Pi day tshirt design contest
      2). Practiced memorizing digits of Pi
      3). Students collected bottle caps to use for a pi day activity.
      4). Students ordered the winning design's Pi Day tshirt.
      5). Explorations of circumference and diameter and their relationship.

      Pi Day
      1). Students wore the Pi Day tshirt
      In teams of 3
      2). Pi day Trivia Quiz
      3). Guessed how many bottle caps it would take to go around the hula hoop. Then, calculated how many bottle caps it took. Tried it to see who was closest.
      4). At 1:59, ate pie.
      5). Recited pi.
      6). Made a bracelet for each student to represent pi. Each color representing a different number 0-9.

      • Mar 3, 2013 8:10am

        Using cotton string, I have premeasured the circumference of several circular objects, mostly plastic lids. I tape the pre-cut string to the lids. Students (4th and 5th grades) first place the string around the circumference of their objects. Then they discover the connection to the diameter by carefully measuring how many diameters = circumference... Pi! This is not exact but students can see that they get 3 and a bit more (.14159) each time. We exchange lids and test our discovery a few times.

        • Mar 7, 2013 4:22pm

          Thank you all so much - now I am going to share these with some teachers!