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Students identify the big Science Concepts and the vertical alignment from Kinder - 12th grade. What does the term "vertical alignment" mean in this sentence?

Dec 6, 2015 5:46pm

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  • Pre K
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    • Dec 14, 2015 10:48am

      Horizontal alignment is the degree to which an assessment matches the corresponding content standards for a subject area at a particular grade level (Porter, 2002; Webb, 1997a; Webb, 1997b).

      Vertical Alignment
      Standards and assessments represent only one part of an education system. Other parts of the education system include curricula, textbook content, the opinions of stakeholders (such as parents), classroom instruction, and student achievement outcomes (La Marca, Redfield, Winter, Bailey, and Despriet, 2000; Porter, 2002; Webb, 1997b). Vertical alignment is the alignment of different parts of an entire education system.

      • Feb 1, 2016 1:03pm

        Vertical alignment refers to the progression of a concept/content through different grade levels. IME, teachers and curriculum planners use this word the most to describe how the content increases in complexity and to ensure that content is consistent from the lower grades to the upper grades.