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Teaching English as an EFL to dyslexic children

Dec 12, 2015 4:56am

Hello! I'd like your opinion on teaching English as an EFL to children with special needs. I'm still a young teacher and one of my current students faces memory lapses as well as the inability to articulate in written or spoken form his thoughts. He's 15 and a high school student, but he hates English and unfortunately, he had been attending a private school with groups of 10-12 children before he came to me. That's the main reason he didn't caught up with the group. Supposedly, he has to set the B2 exams in 2018, but I'm still not sure if he can pull this through. He cannot remember basic vocabulary of the A2/B1 levels and he's also a slow learner. He also cannot create complex sentences as well as basic ones; for example, he forgets the arranged syntax of Subject-Verb-Object. I suspect that he's dyslexic but I still don't know how I can help him out. Any kind of techniques and strategies will be much appreciated. Thanks for hearing me out.

  • English Language Arts / Foreign Language
  • 10
  • Differentiation / Planning / Special Education


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