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The Grade 3 fluency standard expects fluency in Multiplication and Division within 100. What does your school district assess for fluency in Grade 4?

Sep 16, 2013 8:52pm

The fluency standard in Grade 4 is for multidigit addition and subtraction. We are wondering if it makes sense to expect fluency for multiplication and division within 144...basically include the 11s and 12s. Thoughts?

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    • Sep 18, 2013 12:00am

      I truly believe that once students come through the system of Common Core from Kindergarten, with good implementation, we'll see less students not meeting grade level expectations. That's because the Common Core allows teachers to teach less, but go deeper in the areas of critical focus for the grade level, which will lead to more student success even in fluency.

      However, for students who are still working on fluency through 100, fourth grade teachers can continue to practice those multiplication facts with students via their own standards for multiplication and division, which includes multiplication as comparison, word problems with all four operations, a study of factors and multiples, and the beginning of multi-digit multiplication and division. This coherence (building on from what was done in third grade) allows students to continue using and practicing what they learned in third grade, as new concepts are developed in fourth. There will be opportunity for students to continue to gain fluency with multiplication through 100 in fourth grade.

      In addition, fourth grade has their own fluency standard which is around mutli-digit addition and subtraction using the standard algorithm. If fourth grade is going to put a fluency component on a report card, it should match the fluency standard for that grade level.

      • Sep 16, 2013 9:47pm

        Jennie, thank you for confirming my thoughts. I agree! Once you know to 10s, everything else can come by decomposing.

        Our fourth grade teachers are used to expecting/reporting to parents to the 12s, so one thing we are working through is what to report to parents on the report card relative to basic facts fluency in fourth grade. We have students who don't make the fluency goal for multiplication and division in third grade. Should it continue through fourth? fifth? We all know that teachers will teach and practice what's reported out to parents, so we have to be clear in what we want. CCSS wants focus and expects fluency in grade 3. So the question comes to play, what happens when students don't meet expectations? Does it become a tier 2 or 3 reporting issue, not a tier 1 general report card for grade 4?