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Third grade reading schedule

Jun 27, 2013 11:41am

Can someone please give me an example of your schedule for your reading/language arts block? I feel like my schedule didn't flow well last year. I would love some advice.

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    • Jul 9, 2013 4:53pm


      I just read a book about CCSS PLCs in grades 3-5, and they note that reading and writing should be combined, and that in third grade, students should be writing for at least an hour a day. Therefore, you may always want to begin by reading and then have students write in response to that, using the prompt frames on the LDC web site. They are excellent and an awesome resource to ground student writing, especially with narrative text, which will be much different next year. I just wrote a blog post on that:

      Katie Novak

      • Jul 10, 2013 11:41am

        Thanks, Katie. I think with common core it may be easier to integrate the writing program we have in our district. Right now it doesn't mesh well with the reading program because the district is requiring the genres to be in a certain order and that order is different from the reading program AND the genres are in a different order in each grade level. If the order was consistent the district requirement would make more sense. Right now they require expository in the beginning of the year and that's not in the reading program until the end. Does that make sense?

        • Jul 12, 2013 3:44pm


          Wow, that makes things difficult. Do you have a reading coordinator in your district? If so, it may be helpful to revisit the schedule as writing and reading skills are more valuable to students when they are taught throughout the year instead of in isolation. If it's not flexible, you can only do the best with what you have, which may mean making a schedule for each week so students get into a routine and then repeat it based on the genre. For example, on Fridays, we always works on revisions and complete RTI work, so students have a choice to reinforce skills they are weak on and I can provide 1:1 instruction. I create a list of all the different assignments they can revise, revisit, etc.. and they each choose one. One choice is small-group instruction with me on a particular reading or writing skill. If you did something like that once a week, it could give you time to catch-up, transition, and improve the overall flow.

          Good luck,
          Katie (@KatieNovakUDL)